Azure search – Scoring profiles

A scoring profile allows Azure search to target and favor a combination of columns when searching for content.

Searching without a scoring profile lets Azure search calculate a score based on what it thinks the best match is. This produces a score against the search result and tells your what the most relevant item is.

To create a scoring profile, first log into the Azure portal and find the Azure search block and select the index of choice.

The opening blade will show you all of the properties of the index, including all of the scoring profiles. This is at the bottom.


Available scoring profiles

Click the “Add scoring profile” button at the top


name the new profile and a new profile will open in the blade


Click on the weights button and select the filed and weighting against that field. The weights are between 0-10



Save the profile to close the blade. In the prevous blade, click “Set as default” which will set the scoring as a default item. This means any search performed against the index will be run through this to ensure the results you are expecting match the criteria.


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